LAV-AT USMC Desert Build


First session progress

In an effort to fill out the LAV Piranha series of 3d models, here’s the build history on the new LAV-AT USMC desert variant.

The “AT” variant is an Anti-Tank TOW missile equipped Piranha. states, “…The LAV-AT anti-tank missile carrier is a mobile system is capable of defeating main battle tanks and fixed fortifications…”

After a bit of research, the subject I chose for this project was from the 1st Light Armor Reconnaissance (LAR) Battalion, United States Marine Corps (USMC) dubbed “Hammer of Gods” from Operation Desert Storm, 1991. Markings are Desert Sand (Federal Standard #33531) which was a new look for US armor at the time of Desert Storm. All LAVs were, at that time, painted in 3 color NATO camouflage primarily meant for deployment in a much “greener” Europe.

Since I’ve already built an LAV-AT in NATO 3-color camouflage, I used that geometry as a base from which to create this model. Already I’ve begin to improve upon that geometry smoothing some of the sharper lines on the hull which will give it an improved appearance.


LAV-AT development during the second build session

For my second session, I worked more of the texture maps, continuing to enlarge all of them to 150% of their original size for a better appearance in large, close-up renderings. This time around, I created accurate anti-skid coating on the upper surfaces using both diffuse and bump mapping.

After three long sessions, the update was complete and the new model was placed in the catalog on Thurday, November 9th, 2017! Here it is.